Creating the Best Kickstarter Video that Gets Results

Kickstarter is one of the leading crowdfunding platforms that give entrepreneurs the opportunity to open their own businesses through the help of people on the internet. Methods like this to get funding for projects had been looked down upon in the past—with critics labeling it as an act of...

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savadmin / 0 / 05th May 2021
How to Create Compelling Videos to Promote Your Brand Successfully

Entrepreneurs managing small businesses that aren’t seeing any improvements with the rate they’re acquiring new customers may need to rethink their marketing strategies. If you aren’t familiar with the latest trends, you may not have considered incorporating brand video production yet. Not everyone knows the true power that video...

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savadmin / 0 / 28th Apr 2021
4 Crucial Tips for Effective and Impactful TV Commercials

With consumers becoming more visually influenced than ever before, it’s only natural that businesses start using modern media to their advantage. From social media posts to email sequences, the list of available tools and options is endless because the ways humans consume, interact, and make decisions are all influenced...

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savadmin / 0 / 21st Apr 2021
Our Guide To Branding Campaigns: Social Video Production Tips

As a business owner, ensuring that you make the most out of your campaign is vital to achieve your business goals, properly expand your brand, and tap a wider audience. Out of all the trending digital solutions today, video production is one of the most effective and essential tools...

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savadmin / 0 / 14th Apr 2021
Before You Use Video Backgrounds: 3 Things to Consider

When video backgrounds became a thing in the late 2000s, it was one of the most appealing additions to web design to date. Instead of static website images or the more innovative animated transitions, full-on videos became a more common attraction to business websites. However, like any design trend,...

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savadmin / 0 / 07th Apr 2021
Don’t Let These Video Marketing Misconceptions Fool You!

Video content has come a long way—you see it almost everywhere. You could easily think that business’s marketing strategies involve video, but you will be surprised that there are still some brands that don’t invest in it. With its popularity comes misconceptions that hinder some brands from taking the...

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savadmin / 0 / 30th Mar 2021
4 Video Marketing Trends That You Must Know About in 2021

Video content has become increasingly important in recent years. In fact, 87% of businesses highlight how video marketing has brought increased traffic to their websites. Everything from branding videos to corporate marketing videos has become vital to the success of any business’ marketing campaigns.  Given how effective video marketing...

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savadmin / 0 / 23rd Mar 2021
How a Video Production Company Can Help Your Business Succeed

Words are powerful—they can convince, influence, provoke, and hurt. Depending on how you use them, you can get what you want or destroy your reputation. Businesses understand this very fact; they have used the power of words to their favor, leaving an imprint on people’s minds and effectively building...

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savadmin / 0 / 17th Mar 2021
“Making a car look good even on a gloomy day”

Our in-house Boston videographers, video editors, and video producers are here to work with you to help you with the right ideas and scenarios all within your budget. Our FAA Licensed Pilots are waiting and are ready to film your real estate videography, agricultural or environmental inspection, Structural or...

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savadmin / 0 / 12th Mar 2021
6 Essential Tips for Branding Videos to Guarantee Success

Video marketing is known to be effective, which is why most brands today invest in video production to increase brand awareness, gain more sales, and engage with their audience. It’s crucial to have consistent branding in your videos for the sake of your brand. Many brands fail to think...

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savadmin / 0 / 10th Mar 2021